Monday, July 19, 2010

Whoooshhhh :)

As you see it's been quite some time since I've updated my blog so now here it is :)

First of all was Commerce outing on Friday (July 16), yeap one day before commencements! I'm glad I made it :D it was great seeing everyone again. well, almost everyone. compared to the previous outings, there were a lot more people who came for this. even those who left like Jeff and Shaun. so yea, we had a great time :) laughed a lot. it was the first time I've ever eaten so much crab! not a crab fan but coz I saw everyone who kept on going so I didn't wanna feel left out ;) and it's really intimidating when you're sitting next to Bao Jie whose plate was piled up with crab shells! no joke. but yes, good food and awesome people! 

Another outing soon please? :)

Hahaha. well whenever that will be, I can't wait :D so anyways, yes commencements. this year in CILC, the far far away school. mmhmmm. I got there about 9 something coz as performers we needed to be there early to rehearse one last time and of course get used to the spacings. and oh my, we waited the whole day there with absolutely nothing to do other than lazing around and taking pictures :/ but that's alright. our performance went really well :) glad that people loved it, I think.

And for the awards part? it was ok I guess. Jo got the CCA award. good for her :) 
But for me, I'm pissed. the person who is supposedly in charge of this commencements arrangement thing is not doing her job. I missed my award because of that. first I contacted her to check my invitation because I moved house and the school doesn't have the record of my new address yet. so I called and gave her a whole day to check my invitation, whether it has been sent out or not, whether I'm supposed to get one or not. after a whole day, she told me that she would get back to me the next day. then the whole of next day, she didn't call. after that Pn. Farah called me and told me that I AM invited for the 4 o'clock session. BUT, I was supposed to receive my top ten percentile award in the afternoon which was the 2 o'clock session. guess what? no one came to inform me that I should be at the hall. and the best part, my parents didn't get any invitation to that award session. brilliant right. I am so pissed at her, not Pn. Farah, the other girl. idiot!

Ok so that's about it :D till Saturday then! I shall post about our 'exercise trip' to Bukit Gasing! >)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Urbanscapes :)

It was fun. despite the massively-jam jam :) I was there around 1 plus in the afternoon. and man so many cars! I saw them 'angkat rumah' though. it was some event thing where they actually carry a house for a certain distance. not a big house lar, like kampung house like that. a colourful one :D

Was supposed to meet Irina there but then I was earlier. so I went to shop around the marketplace with my mom and aunt. I bought stuff >) a lot I think. but I'm proud that I only spent less than RM100. I thought I would spend more :/ but glad I didn't.

Irina came about half an hour later? I think. around that time lar. then I finished up my 'shopping' and met up with her. saw some people painting some stuff. and my gosh, they are damn good. so patient to actually sit there and paint stroke by stroke. wow. and I thought doing the SPM art folio was killing enough :O

Saw some cameras there. there's a crush proof camera! hahaa. real or fake I won't know but it should be real lar kan :P anyways, the place there is really nice. and the weather was nice too. other than being a little bit too hot in the afternoon. I'm like a little sunburnt now. hahaha. it's been forever since I was sunburnt :)

Then I went for the concert thingy. heard Najwa sing. man she's good! loved her voice. very jazzy-like you know. I'm going to search her up now and download her songs :)

All in all, I think urbanscapes  was fun! :) though not a lot of the art stuff but I enjoyed :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Score! >)

We're performing BE OUR GUEST again! tomorrow! hehehe :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


My little boy :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I played around with the new templates! :) quite nice I would say. I'll stick with this one for a while. until I play around with it again that is.

Time passes.

It's already been a week since we had our final show of this year's production Beauty and The Beast. and I'm missing a whole lot of people :(

It feels so unusual to not have anything to do the whole day. no more warm ups in the morning. no more stoning in the waiting room. no early dinners. I miss everything about production.

I now wonder, when will I ever get to see those people who are not in the same campus as I? it's thanks to production that I've grown a little more. learnt to be more sociable. more opened to others. gotten more friends. and yes, I am very thankful to God for giving me this great opportunity to come back to school and do what I love.

Well, I hope I can join again next year! hahaha. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miracle Needed :/

My voice is still a bit cacat. still coughing like mad. and I need to sing by tomorrow since they will be recording it. NOOOO! how can this be?! what if I sing tomorrow and end up having no voice on Friday :( that's worse! ohmymeeemoooahhh.

Anyway, let's hope for the best :) stay positive Andrea. positive.

Went out to 1u with mommy for some little bonding. the best thing to do when we wanna have some bonding time : shopping :D

we didn't really splurge on anything lar. but we did quite a lot of window shopping. hehehe. bought some accessories, my toiletries and oohlala~ a new pair of shoes! not just any shoe. I've been hunting for this pair of heels since forever. the last time I wanna buy them, they ran out of stock for my size :( but now they've come back to mama >) so yes, SAPU! I'm happy :)